#HITSMIND Tweet Chat – Every Sunday 6pm – 7pm IST

Hello from Team HCITExpert !

We are announcing a Tweet Chat that will happen every Sunday 6pm – 7pm IST. 

We have seen a great trend happening across the Twitterspace – the tweet chats. They are engaging, provide a perspective of the experts from across the world and provide an insight into what will be the future of Healthcare IT (that is our focus area) not only in India, but the trends that are being observed from across the world. 

The purpose of this tweet chat is to bring together Healthcare IT Experts from across India to provide an insight to the need for implementing IT systems in the delivery of Healthcare Services.

To join the tweet chat you would need the following: 

1. Sign up for a Twitter account.

2. Read the blog post published at The HCITExpert Blog to get to know about the topics of discussion.

3. Tweetiquette for the Chat: 
a. Tweet with the hashtag : #HITSMIND
b. At times there will be topics listed in the Blog Page for that week’s list of topics. Each topic will     be identified by T1, T2….etc. If you replying against a specific topic, start your tweet with that Topic identifier(i.e., T1, T2….etc). It will help bring a context to the tweet post. At the same time ensure you end your tweet with the tweet chat hashtag #HITSMIND
c. The tweet chat will last for an hour, i.e., from 6pm to 7pm Every Sunday IST.
d. Connect with your fellow twitterati post this conversation, it is a great place to connect.

As is the case with all good things, we hope you will share this with your collegues and friends who are working in 
Healthcare – as they will provide us with a perspective of what is their requirements for IT; 
Healthcare IT – as they will be able to provide insights into what is possible with Technology; 
Policy Makers, Nursing professionals, Radiologists, Pharmacists, Pathologists, Allied Medical Professionals.

Please send us your mails and thoughts at manish.sharma@hcitexpert.com with your suggestions and recommendations for the topics to be discussed.

Welcome to the Twitterverse!! Lets Chat!

The HCITExpert Blog

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