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#HITSMIND Tweetchat on 19th Oct 2014: #HIMS Solutions for Hospitals

There has been a great amount of buzz around HealthIT, i.e., EHRs, EMRs, mHealth, Telemedicine, Teleradiology etc. 

Implementing a HealthIT solution in a hospital provides some unique insights into what goes into the selection of a system for the hospital and what are the benefits that a hospital derives from installing and implementing such a solution.

So lets take a few steps back and consider the various aspects of a Healthcare Information Management System (HIMS) in a hospital. After all, for our #DigitalIndia initiative, the hospitals that treat the patients need to enable the capturing of patient records in an EHR system as a first step.

  1. Introductions
  2. T1: Why should a hospital in India go in for a HIMS System?
  3. T2: What are the benefits of installing a HIMS System? Experiences: Good and Bad.
  4. T3: Does a HIMS differ for a Clinic, General Hospital to a specialty hospital? How does a hospital select the right system for their need?
  5. T4: When choosing a HIMS System, What are the factors that should be considered by a single location hospital and multi-location hospital, while choosing a HIMS system?
  6. T5: What initiatives should be taken to enable the clinical data recording to help generate and maintain the electronic medical records for the patient? Billing Vs EMR?
  7. T6: What are the various ways to build a partnership with your HIMS Vendor?
  8. Closing Remarks and suggestions
  9. Call for moderators for upcoming chats. Please inbox us via @HCITExpert twitter account. Or you can email us at:

We are sure there will be more discussions around this topic in the future. Based on these discussions and feedback from various quarters, we propose to generate a report that brings out the list of Features and Functionality of an HIMS, for various types of hospitals.

#HITSMIND: October 12th, 2014

The past Sunday we had a great start to our #HITSMIND weekly TweetChat / TweetUp

The Symplur Analytics showed about 300+ tweets with about 40 people participating in the conversation.

Thanks again to all the participants and hope you are able to get the message out to your friends and colleagues and request them to join us for the upcoming weeks.

Today we are going to discuss about how the hospitals can make use of the social media to engage with the patients. And what are the type of engagements that can be enabled by the hospitals to engage with their clients.

T1: How can the hospitals enable engagement with their patients?

T2: What are the current engagement channels used by the Indian hospitals?

T3: How should the social media engagement be used to assist patients?

T4: What are the innovative use cases you have come across in the use of social media for treatment/ wellness  related information?

T5: Closing thoughts.

Thanks for joining us today. 

First Ever #HITSMIND Chat!!

Welcome for the first ever #HITSMIND TweetChat

The agenda for today’s #HITSMIND Tweetchat are defined below. We will be taking up each of the following topics for discussion.


1. Greetings and Introductions

2. All about Tweets, RTs, Hashtagging, MTs

2. T1: What are the benefits of a TweetChat. Share Your experiences

3. T2: What are the tools you use to follow a TweetChat

4. T3: Live Tweeting at Conferences: Best Practices

5. T4: Live Tweeting your speech

6. T5: Closing remarks on TweetChats

Look forward to seeing you at the #HITSMIND TweetChat

Team @HCITExpert

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