The #HIMSS15 Wall of Stats

While reviewing the twitter wall on our @HCITExpert account came across a lot of posts from the twitterati stating Stats they had come across.

We have been going through the steady stream of these tweets and now bring these to you. We will keep updating this list as the conference progresses.

We will work to attribute the tweets to their rightful authors soon… Thank you so much for these insights.

UPDATE – We have attributed the tweets to the rightful owners. !!

Do tag us on any “data-stat” tweet you are sharing, using our twitter handle @HCITExpert or using our #hashtags #HITSMIND or #hcitexpert. You can also tweet with the hashtag #wallofstats and we will update the #HIMSS15 Wall of Stats with your post. And of course update you too !!

Here goes :

DAY 1: (14th April 2015)
PwC 57% of CEOs across all industries worried about integrating technology.  #HIMSS15 – @Yolanda0704

Healthcare data is growing 48% per year. How do you keep up? – @Allscripts

44 Zetabytes of health data; a number equivalent to known stars in the universe and drives IBM’s investment in #healthcare – @LizGoodale

“RestfulAPI” a big topic in #HIE at #HIMSS15 – @karenrclark 

Time to Rally: One Million Ask For Their Records #RecordsNow @Farzad_MD #HIMSS15 #engage4health #HIT @myopennotes – @SueWoods

“A staggering 85 percent to 90 percent of medical records contain errors…” #HIMSS15 – @Medline

Did you know that 5% of patients account for 45% of costs. Find your high risk patient population #HIMSS15 – @medicity

81% of clinicians use mobile devices to collect patient data. More #healthcareIT info via @Avnet infographic #HIMSS15 – @marciachapman

1185 data breaches reported by HHS since 2009, speaker at hipaa presentation says #HIMSS15 – @lschencker

Laptops are the most common source of #HIPAA breaches #HIMSS15 – @AimeeTetu1

Great presentation @tzmeadows #HIMSS15  – 80% patient self registration! Patient and Physician satisfaction improve! Revenue cycle uptick! – @ToddCharest

64% of health care extenders believe that technology has impacted the quality of interactions with patients! #HIMSS15 – @GetReal_Health

#HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #25:Consider multichannel. Integrate check-in kiosks with patient portals for faster check-in and bill payment. – @MarilynECox

Dr. Porter: Health literacy is in crisis. 88% of US adults have inadequate health literacy. #HIMSS15 #GMK2020 – @MerckManual

Providers are drowning in data: clinical info in the US = 150 billion GB + dbls every 18 months #HIMSS15 #GMK2020 – @judithconsult

Wanted: 1 registration, 1 health record, 1 standard of excellence, 1 bill, and 1 relationship -Jon Velez #HIMSS15 ID:33 #checkup

Did you know: 40% of unanticipated hospital deaths in the U.S. happen in the General Ward? #HIMSS15 – @philipshealth

#HipaaJAL “@MerckManual: Providers are drowning in data: clinical info in the US = 150 billion GB + dbls every 18 months #HIMSS15 #GMK2020” – @judithconsult

Listening to @IntelHealth at #HIMSS15: 70% of clinical data in EHR is unstructured – @carlos_ariza
As expected, with more than 22000 tweets today, downtown Chicago has seen extensive #HIMSS15 storm activity @Scraawl – @thowave
60% of doctors feel social media can enhance the quality of patient care [NEWS]: #HIMSS15 – @ONC_HealthIT
#HIMSS15: 70% of Physicians Believe Health IT Decreased Patient Engagement – @rasushrestha
Less than 1/3 of 1% of individuals w/#autism actually get services for its primary treatment in the US. It’s time to #RxTech #HIMSS15 #ABA – @autismu

Day 2 (15th April 2015)

@HIMSSAnalytics 52% respondents utilize a clinical and BI solution @PrimeTGI Predictive Analytics #healthIT #HIMSS15 – @PrimeTGI
62% #healthcare orgs. are now looking to focus on the individual needs of their consumers. Read more: #himss15 – @HeatherEFraser
Humana Estimates Medicare Funding Will Increase 0.8% In 2016 #HIMSS15 – @SegueHealth
Humana CEO: We’re Going To Make The Communities We Serve 20% Healthier #HIMSS15 – @SegueHealth
Peer reviews RT @RasuShrestha 41% said #SoMe would affect their choice of doctor, hospital or med fac #HIMSS15 #HITsm – @DashaBushmakin
mT @jeffbullas: 33 #Hcsm Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2015 #HIMSS15 – @drnic1
U.S. prescription drug spending jumped 13% in 2014 – Modern Healthcare 

Venture funding for #digitalhealth and #healthIT down ~35% in Q1 of 2015, but #mHealth is up #HIMSS15 – @dsgold

Benefits of Patients with online Access to Care Team #HIMSS15 – Less clinic interruptions by calls @Cascadia #mHealth – @vishalpanchal85

@HIMSS: Latest #HIMSS15 numbers: 42,314 attendees and 37,749 tweets in two days! 

9 out of 10 #physicians surveyed are interested in #mHealth technology. #HIMSS15 – @GordonSamanthaM

69% of US adults track health indicators. #improvement #healthIT #HIMSS15 – @GetReal_Health

60% of Alzheimer’s patients will wander – of these 46% will die if not located within 24 hours. Locate them! #HIMSS15 – @locatible

Prediction: 60M US households to own a connected fitness tracker by 2019

66% of Americans Would Use Mobile Health Apps to Manage Their Health

RT @bruno_rocca: RT @DrJenPlatt #HIMSS15 survey shows >70% #healthcare providers use #mhealth 2engage patients & red… – @byod_news

@stanleyhealth: @Cascadia point of clarification. Our 17k customers include senior living, but we are > 5k hospitals globally #himss15 – @2healthguru

Inforgraphics: 31 % of providers have a non-generic patient-facing app #DigitalHealth #HIMSS15 – @vishalpanchal85

Medical data is expected to double every 73 days by 2020. #IBMWatsonHealth – @IBMWatson

No question… “Our health system wasn’t built for chronic care. It was built for episodic.” @BruceDBroussard #HIMSS15 @Humana” – @ItsDisruptive

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