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Whats’ "Trending" in Health IT Today?

Its an interesting trend of a great many Social Media Analytical tools that are being used for Analytics. And using these tools in Healthcare is also becoming a welcoming trend.

In this post I discuss two tools (am sure there are many more, do share them in the comments section)

  1. Infomous
  2. Symplur

About Infomous:

We While reviewing some of the social media tools, I came across an interesting tool called Infomous.

Now this tool allows you to log in and create a cloud of words that are “Trending” based on the various inputs you give to the tool. For instance, we registered ourselves on their website and went about giving the list of various hashtags I tweet with.

I also tried other option of providing the tool a combination of twitter hashtags, RSS feeds, facebook posts, linkedin posts and many other options.

I finally settled on the list of hashtags that I tweet out with while sharing tweets on HealthIT on the @HCITExpert twitter account.

Infomous allows you to do the following:

  • define the “search” criteria
  • create a widget that you can go ahead and embed in your website.
  • define the color,
  • the size of the widget,
  • allows you to create a button link to your word cloud
  • hover above any of the words displayed on your cloud, and Infomous cloud displays the associated Tweets
  • Allows the user to select the words to be hidden for that proverbial spammer during your conference, tweet chat 😉

Head out to Infomous and create your own cloud of words that you tweet, blog, share with on social media. We would love to see the cloud you came up with, share it out with the hashtag #HITSMIND

About Symplur

Healthcare folks should check out the Healthcare Hashtags Project: SYMPLUR

“The goal of the Healthcare Hashtag Project is to make the use of Twitter more accessible for providers and the healthcare community as a whole.” – Symplur

There are great many case studies listed there how the experts are using the information being shared on Twitter using hashtags.

Symplur can be used for the following aspects: (to name a few)

  • Hosting Healthcare Tweetchats (plug: we have a Health IT Social Media INDia hashtag : #HITSMIND )
  • Healthcare Conference Hashtag Analysis: Organising a Healthcare Conference? Head over to Symplur and register your hashtag with them. Post conference Transcripts and Tweet analysis from the conference are displayed in the various reports Symplur provides.
  • Disease Hashtags
  • Ontologies
  • Regular Hashtags
  • Symplur Signals: promotes deep understanding of healthcare as seen by patients, doctors and other stakeholders with real-time access to insights from over a billion healthcare social media data points

Please review their blog “Connecting the dots in healthcare social media”  for the various ways in which Social Media Analytics is being used.

Look forward to hearing back from you with your thoughts and insights.


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The Week that Was: 11 Oct – 17 Oct 2015

Team @HCITExpert presents “The Week that Was” a community driven newsletter, that brings you the rerun of the Tweets shared most by our community. You could call it a crowdsourced newsletter !!

As the community shares their stories with the audience, we try to bring out the most memorable tweets that you can come back to, from the great information being shared on twitter.

We collate these tweets using Storify, our chosen tool to bring together these tweets that you can read today and come back to review anytime in the future.

This post covers the week: 11 Oct – 17 Oct 2015 

To review our Storify from this week …

#INFOGRAPHICS & #comicgraphics #Doodling A powerful way to share ideas

We have attended some conferences recently, virtually, and we saw an interesting trend emerging of various attendees and conference organizers making use of Comics, doodles  and Infographics Boards at the site of the conference to capture the essence of what the speakers and the attendees were sharing.
We started out this storify to include the doodling shared during various conferences and have now started to include additional comics and doodles by the twitterati every day. 
We propose to keep adding the various #Infographics, Doodles and #comicgraphics to this Storify as and when we come about something interesting.

So Do bookmark this link to see update and use for your talks and articles and presentations that might be making to your audiences.

And perhaps, the next time you are heading or organising a conference, call up the folks in this storify to capture the essence of your conference !!

Click on the link below to view our Storify … 

Technology Predictions during #GartnerSYM

We all want to know what technologies will provide us with that competitive edge and help us connect with our customers in newer ways. And traditionally, the Gartner Hype Cycle has been relied upon to help us come to that conclusion. 

So during the recently concluded #GartnerSYM in october, we were able to capture the snapshots shared by the technology community of the 10 Technology Predictions presented during the Gartner Conference, by Gartner of course. 

It provides the future of Technology for the next 5-10 years. 

Head on over to our Storify capturing the Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and the Top 10 Technology Predictions

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