#Infographic: Technology Innovation in Public Health, Learning from INDIA via @InnovatioCuris

Infographic Source: Reaching the unreached through Technology Innovation in Public Health Learning from INDIA, Dr. Sanjiv Kumar & Dr. V K Singh – http://innovatiocuris.com/webinars/

Infographic Source

We came across a great presentation on “Reaching the Unreached Technology Innovation in Public Health – Learning from India”, via the InnovatioCuris.com webinar conducted by Dr. V K Singh along with Dr. Sanjiv Kumar. 

In the webinar, Dr. Kumar discussed how Policy and  Technology Innovations can be used to reach the entire population of India for delivery of Public Health Services. 

He spoke about the need to Identify and scale Innovations in India. Dr. Kumar highlighted different ways by which this is being done: 

  • States encouraged to include innovation in Program Implementation Plans
  • National Summits on Good and Innovative practices
  • National Health Innovation Portal – www.nhinp.org
  • Health Technology Assessment Workshops

We have prepared the Summary Infographic of the webinar conducted by Dr. Sanjiv Kumar & Dr. V K Singh, MD, InnovatioCuris and present it here for your reference.

In this webinar, we came across an interesting term, “Indovation” (“Indian Innovations”) used by Dr. VK Singh, while taking about not only learning best practices from across the world, but also have the ability to share the “Indian Innovations” in solving the problems of accessibility, affordability and scale in deliver of Public Health Services.

And there you go, its fairly simple and we look forward to you sharing your experiences with our community of readers. We appreciate you considering sharing your knowledge via The HCITExpert Blog


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