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Only 65% children in the first year of their life have been able to achieve full immunization and the increase in coverage has stagnated in the past 5 years to an average of 1% every year

Our goal with iCHR is to attain the sustainable development goals and reduce the child mortality rate. 

In present day advance technologies are playing crucial role in most aspects of human life. Now extending its footsteps in one of the most treasured moment of any parent, birth of a child. A thought of building a complete child healthcare solution catering from the birth of a baby till it’s adolescent age powered by technology and big data came into existence when Oxyent Medical — a company run by Harpreet Singh and his wife Ravneet Kaur joined hands with Dr. Raghuram Mallaiah of Fortis La Femme Hospital in Delhi to combine their skills.

The interest of Harpreet Singh, a biomedical engineer with two advanced degrees in engineering from the University of Wisconsin, and Ravneet Kaur, post graduate in computer science stems into this solution from personal tragedy. He along with Mrs. Kaur lost one of their twins as babies were preterm, born in 26 weeks instead of normal 34-38 weeks. One of the children survived, the doctor said that the deceased infant — barely bigger than the palm of an adult — had succumbed to sepsis.

The on ground journey to formulate the solution started by conducting a new research to collect data from preterm infants, tracking their progress over the months of their stay in the neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in Delhi hospitals. The approach to design the complete child healthcare solution leverages IOT, Cloud and Big Data technology, enhancing the doctor-parent engagement model by enabling continuous and personalized child health monitoring. In this regard, the first product launched by company on 19th February’16 was iCHR – integrated Child Heath Record (iCHRCloud). 

iCHRCloud is India’s 1st Hospital linked solution – a revolutionary concept of automated vaccination record & scheduler, growth monitoring and prescription & lab investigations panel for the precious child. It provides the web portal for doctors and mobile application for parents, which enhances doctor-parent engagement. The adaptability of the solution allows it to be implemented across hospitals and clinics with minimal infrastructure investment.

iCHRCloud offerings are aligned to the Digital India mission. 

An estimated 26 millions of children are born every year. As per WHO in 2015, 5.9 million children under age five and 696,000 neonatal deaths were recorded.  

These deaths are mostly due to issues related to malnutrition and lack of vaacination. Malnutrition, wasting and stunting are major growth burden in child healthcare and growth monitoring is needed to build policy framework to solve this issue. Moreover, full immunization against preventable childhood diseases is the right of every child, and to provide this right to every child, the Government of India launched the Universal Immunization Program (UIP). 

Only 65% children in the first year of their life have been able to achieve full immunization and the increase in coverage has stagnated in the past 5 years to an average of 1% every year. 

It has also been observed that every year in India, 5 lakh children die due to vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Another 89 lakh children remain at risk, because they are either unimmunized or partially immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases

Our goal with iCHR is to attain the sustainable development goals and reduce the child mortality rate. It helps in keeping track of all the vital parameters up to 12 years of age responsible for monitoring the growth of a child such as: vaccination records, prescription notes, head circumference, height, weight and BMI. 

The parameters are plotted on Fenton, IAP and WHO based charts, which help the child’s pediatrician to analyze any risk of malnutrition, and the statistics can also be used by policy makers for future studies.

Oxyent is looking to extend its solution offering by bringing iNICU – integrated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the market. iNICU a one stop workflow solution to assimilate and disseminate neonate information by connecting the generated source data from various devices. The application is designed to cater to all the responsibilities of various roles/owners (Nurse, Resident Doctor, Senior Doctor, Pediatrician and Administrator). It’s an effort to virtually eliminate human error in neonate health monitoring.

The combined solution package of iNICU and iCHR is a complete child healthcare solution which was envisioned by company during the inception of idea. What stands out this offering by Oxyent from others is it caters to both preterm & term babies from birth to adolescent age. iCHRCloud and iNICU applications have been succesfully implemented in NCR region in major hospitals and clinics.

Also, the first one to bring live data monitoring from anywhere, auto discharge summary and prediction of onset of infections, kind of advance technologies in the child healthcare segment. These advancements are unprecedented even in the international scenario, which provides the global platform to Indian IT Healthcare industry. 

Recently, Oxyent were declared the winners of the IBM India Smartcamp for HealthTech 2016

“IBM Global Entrepreneur program is the Startup initiative of IBM. We engage with Startups in providing them with Cloud credits worth $24000 / year on Softlayer and Bluemix. IBM, GEP also provides technical mentoring, assist with go to market, work with accelerators in India. We engage with large enterprises in helping them finding their next set of innovations. One of the key initiatives done by us is IBM Smartcamp which is India`s biggest Industry focussed Startup challenge. ibmgepindia.com has the details of that.”  

Mr. Radhesh Kanumury, Country Lead, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program 

The article has been published with the authors permission.

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Ms. Ravneet Kaur

Ravneet as the co-founder of Oxyent Technologies, is an entrepreneur involved in working with domain experts to bring digital transformation in the Healthcare Industry. With her engineering skills she is interested in resolving business challenges through technical innovation, showcased in the products she has brought to market.

Her Favourite Quote “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Dr. Harpreet Singh

Harpreet is a Technology Strategist, an entrepreneur with international consulting experience. As founding member of Oxyent, he has a Proven track record in rapid IP creation and execution; taking idea from conception to GTM, and is involved in building strategic insights and shaping future direction with a blend of deep analysis and high level synthesis.

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