#PhilipsChat on #IoT in Healthcare with @prsdsrnvs and @drvikram

87% of healthcare organizations will have adopted Internet of Things technology

Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare, or Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are seeing an increasing adoption rate in Healthcare Organisations. In a recent study the following statistics were part of the report: [1]

1. 60% of healthcare organizations have already introduced IoT into their infrastructure 

2. In just two years, 87% of healthcare organizations will have adopted Internet of Things technology.

3. The most common area where IoT is being utilized is for patient monitoring and maintenance. 73% of surveyed healthcare executives said they used IoT in this area, while 42% said this was the main use for IoT

4. 64% of respondents said they use IoT for patient monitors, 56% use IoT for energy meters, and 33% use IoT for imaging devices.

5. 80% of healthcare executives said IoT has improved innovation

6. 76% said visibility across their organization has improved, while 73% said they have enjoyed cost savings following the introduction of IoT.

7. 57% of respondents believe workflow productivity will improve as a result of the adoption of IoT, resulting in considerable cost savings

8. 36% believe IoT will create new business models, while 27% said the use of IoT technology would improve collaboration with colleagues and patients.

And here is an #Infographic: IoT in Healthcare: Types of Opportunities, I think it will be apt to share the same with you at this time to review the market opportunity. 

The study however also highlighted the disadvantages to introducing IoT. Such as security risks, with healthcare organisations facing many cases of breaches in the past year. 

The report pointed out, 89% of healthcare organizations that have adopted IoT said they have suffered a security breach as a result, while 49% said malware was an issue.

Coming to the Tweetchat!! I am honored to be considered for hosting the tweetchat with Mr. Srinivas Prasad, CEO, Philips Innovation Campus, in India and Dr. Vikram, Founder and Editor of Healthcare India.

Mr. Srinivas Prasad (@prsdsrnvs), has over 3 decades of experience with various Technology companies. Prior to his current assignment, Prasad was Vice President-IT at FMR India, a leading US Multinational in Bangalore. He has also established and served as General Manager for the Software Architecture Division of Sony in India.

Earlier in his career Prasad worked for Alcatel Business Systems in France and Indian Telephone Industries in various capacities, leading teams in developing telecom products for the Indian and Global markets. Before his current role as CEO-PIC, he headed the Healthcare division at PIC as Sr. Director.

Prasad has an outstanding academic record and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication and a Masters in Business Administration.

Having a unique distinction of being a Hindu Hitachi Scholar, he has published papers at the Telecom IEEE conferences. Prasad has worked in Japan and France earlier in his career. He has been part of several national committees in India including the CII taskforce to drive Broadband adoption in India.

An ardent cricket enthusiast he has played for Karnataka state, South Zone and represented the Country earlier in his career. Read more about Prasad and his achievements at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._R._Srinivasaprasad.

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran
Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran is a healthcare management thinker, speaker and author. He is also the founding editor of Healthcare India. He started his career as a dental surgeon running a chain of dental clinics in New Delhi. He has an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad and has worked with healthcare systems in India, US and Europe.

On April 10th, 2017 between 3 – 4pm IST, I would like to welcome all experts to share their thoughts and insights with Mr. Srinivas Prasad and Dr. Vikram  on how to leverage IoT in Healthcare.

Agenda for #PhilipsChat : #IoT for Healthcare

Q1: In the near term (1-3 years), What are the top 3 innovations in IoT that can benefit healthcare?

Q2: Is an IoT based system going to be a utility or a service?

Q3. Do you see any device, connected via any protocol and with any cloud as the future, if yes how will that be achieved? Standards?

Q4: In India, what are the Digital Infrastructure requirements for enabling IoT based Innovations in Healthcare? 

Q5. How can hospitals leverage IoT based solutions for service delivery and patient care? 

Q6: What are the aspects of Connected Care for the Patient Care Continuum (tell us about one solution each that can benefit consumers)

> Healthy Living
> Prevention
> Diagnosis
> Treatment
> Homecare

Q7: What are the Healthcare based Smart City components? How can Local, State and Indian Government’s make IoT solutions in healthcare economically viable?

Q8: How can private hospitals justify the RoI’s of Smart Hospital Components? 

Q9: Give us a Buzzword we are going to be hearing regarding IoT based innovations in Healthcare.

CT: (Closing Thoughts) Tell us a 5 Year view of IoT in Healthcare and what would a Patient Experience in a Smart Hospital?

Signoff: And everyone’s favourite question of the Tweetchat, What areas of IoT based innovations are you looking to partner with Startups for? Can you give us two areas?

To participate, just log onto your twitter account on mobile, web or tablet on 10th April Between 3-4pm, as mentioned earlier and tweet with the hashtag: #PhilipsChat 

Transcript of the #PhilipsChat


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