What is #ConnectedCare? Is the Healthcare Industry ready to embrace it in India?

During the recently held #PhilipsChat the from Philips Healthcare set the agenda to discuss various aspects of what is Connected Care? 

Whenever a TweetChat is held, the moderator puts out an agenda for the discussion. Once its time, the participants share their point of view by Tweeting out their responses to the questions, tweeted by the moderator. 

The Connected Care #PhilipsChat questions follow and I Look forward to You sharing your thoughts and point of view on the role of Connected Care in Healthcare: 

1. How would you explain connected care in one line? 
2. Is the healthcare industry ready to embrace connected care?
3. How are your organization using connected care? Since when?
4. Based on your experience, what are the elements to enable connected care further?
5. How are you involving policy makers to embrace connected care?

If we take these questions with an india context, how connected care can enable the affordability and accessibility to healthcare in India. These are the most often mentioned aspects of Healthcare, that needs to be addressed by not only the government, but also the Startup community willing to disrupt the Health Tech / Digital Health industry. 

I have attempted to share my thoughts on Connected Care questions put forward during the tweetchat and I hope you will consider sharing your insights by filling in the form below

1. How would you explain connected care in one tweet?

An always connected channel of communication of care between the patient and provider, from “touch time” to “face time”  

2. Is the healthcare industry ready to embrace connected care?

In India, with the major push for digital services by the govt and private healthcare facilities, and with 350+MN internet users connected care is the only way to solve the accessibility to healthcare problem (1:3200 doctor to patient ratio)

4. Based on your experience, what are the elements to enable connected care further?

The connected care needs to bring about change in thought of how to use a connected care framework for the patient as well as the doctor. 

For the patient, connected care is about 
– experience that enables an ease of access to care
– Ability to build their own healthcare record’s completeness 
– Have a better set of processes and #workflows to manage their health and care 
– Have the ability to find “patients like me” and be part of the community 

For the Doctor, I believe it will be about 
– how to glean new insights from the data stream
– How to collaborate with a patient via an always connected model? What signifies the end of a consultation? 
– To build constantly evolving care plans for their patients, based on realtime, near-realtime, time-delay, or frequency per day/week month updates
– To evolve more treatment plans based on the insights that can be drawn from the raw patient data feed (an e.g.)
– How to build a community and be part of a community of specialists to keep themselves up-to-date on the current research and practices.

I am including the Questions as a Google Form, do consider sharing your insights into what is Connected Care? And how do you see it being enabled for the benefit of the patients and clinicians.


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