A roadmap for Academia and Industry Collaboration in Digital Health by Bipinkumar G Rathod, @bipin4uk

Digital health Technology adoption in India is gaining momentum. Many digital health entrepreneurs are providing solutions for hospitals and patients. With India becoming more connected, by becoming one of the largest markets in terms of the mobile phone and broadband densities in the world, many Innovative solutions and Technology ecosystems are being developed for Digital Health interventions.

In India there are many stakeholders who deal with Healthcare,  Technology and lifesciences. India needs a robust network among digital health entrepreneurs, researchers & academia, industry experts, medical doctors and Corporates. As Dr. Ajai Kumar, Founder HCG Group mentioned in an interview with Yourstory, “India needs to become innovators by creating IP in various aspects of healthcare be it pharma, clinical or digital health. IP can be created based on research into various aspects of Healthcare ecosystem”. 

At MGUMST, we have interacted with many Healthcare startups and seen the need for guidance mentorship, on how they should be approaching the Healthcare ecosystem in India. Each of the startups are told about the quadruple aim being pursued by most technology companies building solutions for healthcare, ie., to make healthcare better, cheaper, easier to access and more joyful to practice. 

To achieve this aim requires some amount of study and research into the different aspects of the healthcare ecosystem. Once the research has been completed the solution building needs to be done and thereafter implementation of the solution in a phased manner. 

There are many use cases being developed by Indian startups and entrepreneurs to deal with complexity of the Indian hospital and Healthcare system. And most of these ideas don’t reach the market as relevant aspects of the solution are not researched and peer reviewed in the creation of the product. To create an IP requires us to move from a testing the market by going live with a MVP, to a more nuanced approach of a data driven and research oriented view to delivering Digital Health solutions in Healthcare.

And this is where a collaboration between the Startup Community and Academia and Research communities can play a more strategic role in enabling the startup to focus on the actual work of bringing the solution/MVP to the market, while the research community is working to bring validation of the solution and ideas by conducting randomised controlled trials with specific scientific methodology adopted by our university and department. The feedback and validation received in this manner adds to the efficacy of the solution in the Indian Market. 

There are opportunities for startups to build their connections with India’s premier institutions and healthcare organisations, where the professionals from academia, startups, corporates can engage for building long term partnerships in digital health for delivering product and services to the healthcare organisations.

The Department of Health Informatics & Telemedicine at the Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Jaipur – India is leading the way in digital health ecosystem by  providing a common platform to researchers, academia, industries, startups, national and international thinktank. 

The University is situated in Jaipur’s institutional area with dedicated modern lush green campus and 1400 bedded NABH accredited  medical college hospital serving to north india (http://www.mgmch.org/)

We are among the few medical universities in India , those offer certificate to master degree level course in health informatics domain. Our unique pedagogical learning system, system level learning is focussed to equip our students to take up challenging roles in digital health industry of the 21st century 

Our strength and expertise 
The faculty at the MGUMST – Health Informatics and Telemedicine department has experience in the following areas: 

  • Leadership and project management in hospital, healthcare quality, analytics and training. 
  • Strategic planning in health and hospital information and clinical governance, IT projects. 
  • Health-IT implementations in hospitals and public health. 
  • Project management of public health informatics, clinical areas. 
  • Business process redesign and change management with extensive UK, USA and Indian healthcare industry experience.

We host single and unique way to provide assistance, mentorship for ideation to product design, 360 review and industry validations and guide them to potential market segments in digital health product and service industry.
We have unified collaboration approach for digital health startups , which allow them to identify key concept designs, development, industry and government support.

The Health Informatics & Telemedicine Department at MGUMST, conducts regular workshops, seminars, industry visits, seminars by government policy makers and expert talks in digital health domain from CDAC – NRCeS, National Health Mission, Dept of IT & Communication, NHS-UK, NIC, AIIMS. 
We host eHealth lab resources and knowledge center in our central medical libraries. Researchers, industry, startups, health and hospital professionals are most welcome to collaborate in the following broad areas:

  • Digital Health Interventions
  • IoMT AI, Robotics VR and AR in hospital 
  • Smart Health, eHealth, mHealth, eGovernance, 
  • Data Science, Health and Clinical Analytics, Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence in Hospital
  • Digital Transformation, Information Capability Development, 
  • Public/population/insurance health informatics


Bipin Rathod Assistant Professor of Health Informatics & Telemedicine, Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology LinkedIn@bipin4ukWebsite

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