Immersive #HealthTech Ecosystem Showcase in “The Pavilion of the Future” during CAHOTECH 2019 by Manick Rajendran, @manicknj

Not only did the work involve a creative attitude, it involved the dedication of sharp minded attention to detail mindset. It was back-breaking work rising up to a crescendo of sleepless nights towards the finish line during CAHOTECH2019

Starting from our Pavilion of the Future Evangelists:
TimePort 1 – Dr. Pramod Jacob
TimePort 2 – Abhishek Chaudhary TimePort 3 – Bharat Gera 
TimePort 4 – Dr. Thanga Prabhu / Sundar Gaur
TimePort 5 – Dr. Ravi Modali

These stalwarts took time away from their work to put their mind to creating original creative content and be available on site to present them. 

Aniruddha Nene
Dr. Suman Bhushan Bhattacharya 
Satyam Kumar
Manish Sharma
Dr. Rakesh Biswas

The mentors set aside several tens of hours about at least 100 or more in putting their creative minds to work. 

Not only did the work involve a creative attitude, it involved the dedication of sharp minded attention to detail mindset. It was back-breaking work rising up to a crescendo of sleepless nights towards the finish line.  

1 Fololife
3 Helyxon
5 Shrishti Software
6 Sollu
7 Zbliss Technologies
8 Audicor Cardiometrics
9 dWise
10 Doxper
11 Health Med
12 Raster Images Private Limited
13 ayeAI
14 Infolifetech
15 HealthSensei
16 iMMi Life
18 Kriyatech
19 KraniumHealth
20 Concert Care
21 Vitor Health
22 ViDoc

The Partners and their employees played a pivotal role by being available on Event Day on site and I’m sure several hours of Prep work in the background. I estimate that there must have been an average of 3 people per company who must have put in time. 

The role the Docents played was highly commendable. 

Behind the scenes folks like Ramesh, Karthik who helped create the stalls, Madhava a student doctor who came all the way from Vijayawada and of course our Project Manager, Thilak who fought against all odds to deliver all of the deliverables. 

In all, at least 125 of us put our heart and soul into this event and made it happen. 

Will publish statistics later in the day. 

Thank you all!!

Pre-Conference Information
Hello all, we meet again!

This time we could all meet up at CAHOTech 2019

So, what is CAHOTech 2019?

CAHO is Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations. This is the fourth year they are conducting  CAHOTech, an event of a one-day format with speakers in a conference and stalls by participants. 

Venue: IIT Madras Research Park
Date: September 28

This year, there is a small twist to how we are featuring the companies at this Conference. 

A Brief history of HealthTech Connect-a-thons in India

There is a group of us who have had good success in showcasing the capabilities of HealthTech companies here in India. The first in the series was a Testathon conducted at Philips, Bangalore in 2012. The next was a Connect-A-thon at St. John’s, Bangalore in 2016. The third in line was an Interoperability Showcase at the Medicall Conference in Chennai in the year 2017. 

This year CAHO – 2019 carries the torch.

So What’s the Difference in this years Showcase: The “Pavilion of the Future”

The stakeholders in this conference are investors, hospital administrators (CEOs, CTOs, CxOs), physicians, other medical experts and students. To make it meaningful for them, we will be showcasing about 40 companies through “scenarios”. Each scenario while exhibiting specific industry functionality will also highlight four common “competitive parity” themes 

– Customer Experience, 
– Care Delivery, 
– Operational Excellence and 
– Quality

Additionally, we will also showcase industry solutions for two or three Public Health problems in India. This will be futuristic solutions. 

How you can participate and help create this “Immersive HealthTech Ecosystem Showcase”:

1. Register to be part of the Showcase through your company (we will assist you in getting an NSIC grant to cover being part of the showcase)

2. Provide us with a Public Health challenge AND a solution to go with it. 

3. Be there on September 28 to experience what you have helped create.

In addition to the above, those who participate can try their hands at the PitchFest the previous day, 27th September 2019 (they will have to register of course) that brings in a cash purse of up to Rs. 20 lakhs in total. 

Source: Organising Committee – CAHOTECH 2019

We also have several investors committed to being there to check out the offerings.

Here’s a look at the conference floor map

What does the The CAHOTech 2019 Immersive Experience have for me as a Startup, as an Investor?

HealthTech companies use technology (databases, applications, mobiles, wearables) to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care, with the ability to increase the development and commercialization of medicinal products.

Stakeholders consist of hospitals and practitioners; insurance; consumer-facing services; pharmaceuticals; and government. 

The Healthcare industry was valued at US$7.2 trillion in 2015 in the US alone.

In India where the market is huge in numbers and requires innovation to deliver at appropriate price points, the startup community is embracing the challenge.  

For the Startups: 
To showcase what is happening in the Ecosystem, CAHOTech 2019 is providing a platform for startups to exhibit what they do and how they do it in interoperable ways with other companies for the stakeholders. The exhibits will allow the delegate visitor to experience the flow of data and triggers that initiate functionality offered by individual companies in an immersive way through role plays called scenarios. 

These scenarios are designed to illustrate real life situations happening at point of care and the mechanics involved to ensure the delivery of care to the users of the various systems. 

Over and above the core solutions that companies provide to their clients, they also design their systems to ensure a high level of Customer Experience that are delivered in the right manner at the right time for the client at optimal performances. These hidden strengths of the systems designed by the startups will be brought to the fore for the visitor to experience for themselves. 

You will have access to a monitor in your station (we will call it station instead of stall). The scenarios will ensure that you will be able to explain your solution’s functionality through a story. What that will mean is, you will present on-screen to the delegates and do your show-and-tell with the gadgets, apps, solutions, demos as well.

The opportunity that CAHO is presenting to HealthTech companies is prestigious and all of you entrepreneurs lend credibility to the event. If you know of partnering companies who are part of your workflow in the ecosystem, please have them contact us. We’d like to showcase all of you. For those of you who have gone through the exercise of constructing a Business Model Canvas (BMC), every one of the entries you made in the Key Partners box is a candidate to be at this immersive experience event. Please refer them.

For the Investors in HealthTech: 
If you are an Investor who wants to see the potential of the healthcare industry, or if you are a Healthcare Organisation Administrator who wants to explore how you can put together various tech products to secure your place in the marketplace or if you are a Clinician and would like to know how these technology systems work in concert, or if you are a student who wants to know your career prospects or if you are any kind of stakeholder in healthcare and would like to get a touch and feel of what the industry is about, you need to be here.

Message from, Sameer Mehta, Dr Mehta’s Hospitals, the Atlas Family Office, the Chennai Angels (EC) & Organising Chair -CAHOTech, Vice President – CAHO
“Welcome to our CAHO Community.  We hope many of you are excited to be part in the first ever Health immersion program in India.  This will be a wonderful program – the more you put in, the more you will benefit.  Spread the word.  Your prospective customers and investors should experience this at CAHOTech… 

With over 500 folks expected and over 10 investors committed – this promises to be interesting.”

How can I be a part of the Showcase?

Please fill the CAHOTECH 2019 – Showcase Registration Form

Alternatively you can download the WORD version of the form – here

Any queries about the form, please Send in a email to: You can also leave your comments to the article and the Team HCITExperts will be able to get back to you. 

Some FAQ on the Form:

Some of the questions we have received have been:

– can the primary problem statement be more than 1 (# G)
G. Yes, they can be more than 1

– what do we highlight as our Strengths? (# I)?
I. Every aspect of your product that you feel are strong from the point of view of your customer 

– what do we include in Operational Excellence (# M)?
M. Factors that contribute to the better operation of the facility of your client

– what do we include in Quality of Care (# N)?
N. Factors that contribute to the quality of care experienced by the patients; this is different from Customer Experience which is more to do with the usability of your product. 

Bottom line, we want to showcase your offering through an experiential way. The more information you give us and indication of what you want highlighted, the better for us to work on your scenarios.


Manick Rajendran Founder at iMMi Life LinkedIn



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