Dr Rohit Sharma ZINI AI


Dr Rohit Sharma ZINI AI

Starting Today: 25th May 2020, we are launching the Startup Showcase. We hope to share the work being done by the startups we have listed in our list of 150+ HealthTech Startups from India.

Talk to ZINI

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Why make guesses about your health? Just talk to ZINI. She is an AI driven virtual physician. She can discuss the whole scenario in detail, figure out what’s wrong and guide you in a timely manner. Convenience & reliability, restored in healthcare.

Connect with a Doctor in 1-2-3

  1. Fill in the Contact Information
  2. Have the conversation with ZINI
  3. Zini generates the Assessment at the end of the session and directs you to connect with a doctor/ clinician

Behind the Scenes

ZINI can help every player involved in the healthcare sector from patients to healthcare professionals. ZINI can help with increasing efficacy, gathering clinical data, promoting research and making data driven policies.

  • Discuss your symptoms: Why google your symptoms? When you can share them with ZINI and do an active 2 way communication. Share what bothers you with her and she will start a thorough patient interview like a human physician.
  • Get the right advice: When there is no expert available at hand, people make do with whatever is available. They go to a chemist for medical advice or worse, a quack with no medical degree. Delay or misinformation can lead to fatal consequences. In order to end this crisis in the healthcare sector, we invented ZINI. Share your symptoms with ZINI and get the right advice in a timely manner.
  • Available in Indian Languages ZINI can now talk to patients in Hindi, Punjabi and Bangla as well as English. More languages are being added in time.
Our vision of Connecting healthcare via technology in every state

And I wanted to Thank the Team at ZINI.ai to help setting this up with amazing agility, I sent a message on LinkedIn to Dr. Rohit Sharma, early Sunday Morning, 24th May, 2020. He Promptly replied and agreed to the idea and VOILA, 24 hours later, ZINI is LIVE on the HCITExperts Blog, it just took me 2 minutes to set it up on the blog, and Zini is ready to initiate the conversation with you.

And what is even better, the Team Behind ZINI.ai is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary TODAY, 25 May, 2020. Here’s wishing the team the very best in their journey to putting a tool in the hands of the patient’s that connects them faster with the Doctors. Zini augments the accessibility to healthcare services for the patients, by connecting the patient to the right doctor at the right time.

Please note this is a startup showcase, I will request you to please connect with Dr. Rohit Sharma for any questions you might have about the charges and how you can enable ZINI for your respective Platforms

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Dr. Rohit Sharma
Dr. Rohit Sharma

is Working on ZINI.ai. Interested in Healthcare, defence & Space Industry. I want to create and invent things that will help the human race for thousands of years even after i am gone. Solving
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