Transforming how preventive health care and wellness is Perceived and delivered in India by Ramakanta Behera, @IHLcom

In India culturally, we follow sick care as it is driven out of fear, not preventive primary care. We generally do not visit hospitals and get our regular tests done until a Doctor has advised to further investigate our symptoms. Sometimes we keep delaying our visit to hospitals until the disease has taken over and symptoms are prevalent. 

But in the past few years India’s disease profile has changed drastically from communicable to non-communicable diseases, as NCDs account for over 60% of deaths in India. This change has compelled the Indian healthcare system to magnify its focus on preventive health care not just to maximize the health but also to spread the reach to cover a large section of people. Preventive Services help in detecting a disease especially NCDs and aids in preventing the illness or other health issues. 

To prioritize the NCDs and bring preventive healthcare mindset, it is important that we encourage global involvement, promote lifestyle medicine especially among youth level. To fasten this process and make preventive healthcare smarter, we need to tap the technological shifts in healthcare and form public-private partnerships. 

For over a decade, shifts in technology are disrupting the healthcare sector. With the increasing adoption of digital in every aspect of life, the healthcare system is also redefining itself to empower patients and people to self-manage health.

Innovation in health care has been amazing so far whether it is primary health vitals monitoring devices or apps, digital health wearables all have tried to tackle primary health through monitoring. But these innovations failed to tackle simple lifestyle and behavioural health disorders. A simple reason is the packaging and delivery of these innovations are often ineffective, costly and consumer-unfriendly. Furthermore, these innovations fail to provide adequate health data for a person knowing that they have met their health goal or what they should continue to keep health on track and also how authentic are some of the proprietary metrics established by vendors.

IHL though being a health Tech startup is focused on empowering individuals to gain accessibility to health in a more cost-effective way with a precision of the result. This will give all an easy to use the connected platform to ensure the health information is handled with adequacy to solve some of the day-to-day health-related problems, be it better quality care, prevention of disease before its onset, better insurance deals and much more. 

During this COVID 19 pandemic, we all witnessed that small steps to primary care and behavioural health management led to a decline in total visits to the hospitals. These declines reflect preventive health management can not just help individuals to stay healthy but can help increase the productivity and reach of frontline health caregivers. Further with Technology infusion to the health system, some of the greatest concerns of India health care can be resolved. 

India health link envisioned and celebrated virtual health – the next disrupter in the delivery of care, as a game-changer to solve some of the most common challenges of India’s health sector – difficult to access, Shortage in the number of experienced experts, a growing chronic disease burden, affordability of healthcare costs and the most important self – preventive health care management. India health link mission is to provide holistic care to Indian people. We want to educate people about their health, make them aware of the importance of regular health screening and facilitate a route to help them get healthy and stay healthy.

Here is the link for Virtual Demo of India Health Link Health  Kiosk.

India Health link Health Pod (hPod) provides Integrated, connected virtual care by leveraging technological innovation to allow every person in India irrespective of their rural-urban differences to get regular access to primary health care in the most accessible and cost-efficient way. India Health link hPod goes beyond automated and interactive health screening and medical diagnosis, it provides an ecosystem powered by data sciences to individuals and organizations to create a safe and healthy environment at work and home and contribute to sustainable development, which is the key to a prosperous nation.

India Health link also believes and understands how real-time health data can empower and revolutionise the health of an individual, an organization and the nation. Our unique hPod( Health Pod ) allows every individual to manage and regularise their health care, learn about the risk in changing primary health vitals, and take preventive actions. This allows every organization to build its Health index, foresee the employee health associated risk, take control and devise a strategy to ensure improve employability, wellness programs ROI, increase productivity and bottom-line growth.

Key Features of hPod

1. Innovative first of its kind stand-alone health kiosk providing non-invasive (automated) screening of more than 95% of essential vital – Like Heart Rate, Temperature, Respiratory rate, Oxygen Saturation, Blood pressure, Height, Weight and BMI including 6 Lead ECG under 5 minutes.

2. We provide regular self-assessment opportunity to monitor the NCDs risk like Cardiovascular disease, Diabetics, Hypertension etc 

3. Free health accounts for all users for periodic and risk-based doctor consultation enabled by our tele consult platform inbuilt in the kiosk, personalised lifestyle/diet counselling. All with IHLs ITA/HIPAA certified platform (privacy is ensured), no-risk, worry-free, personal health record system.

4. Easy to Access anytime, anywhere – fully integrated hPod/mobile/web access platform with state-of-the-art data security and remote monitoring. 

5. Provides Health index/institutional health score on an aggregate level to track the impact of wellness programs runs at various institutions. Everyone has different health and wellness needs, IHL is the only corporate wellness platform to cater to all.

6. IHL proprietary platform working with all employees across sectors at the individual level to enable customized care.  

7. Connected and personalized health marketplace allowing for hassle-free telehealth solutions including Tele-consultation and fulfilment of laboratory and Pharmacy services at doorstep through are accredited healthcare partners. 

hPod Credentials:

– HIPPA and ITA 2008 Certified

– Recognised as Smart Fifty solution to transform India, as felicitated by IIM – Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP), in association with Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

– USA FDA approved medical devices and clinically validated in India by our clinical validation partner with large sample size by Mehta Hospitals

– Tried and tested technology backed by 30 years of research in clinical health from the US and Canada

– Working with technologies developed by BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) for bringing innovation in market space

Ramakanta Behera
Ramakanta Behera

Highly motivated individual with expertise in taking ideas to market, building business strategy and sales planning around innovative solutions, creating a sustainable ecosystem for post deployment product support for B2B and B2C market. Having experience in large scale enterprise solution deployment in private as well as government sectors. Leader in business process engineering in healthcare domain (especially in provider segment). Fascinated to work with solutions that improves the health and wellness of people at bottom of the pyramid.
Skilled in analytics tools: SAS, SPSS and R with MBA from IBS Hyderabad with specialization in Marketing and Finance

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