Paper or Electronic Health Records, the way forward in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, An Expert Panel Discussion by BrainX Community & AI in Healthcare in India Community


[00:00] 1.Introduction by Dr.Piyush Mathur, Co-Founder BrainX Community
[04:00] 2. Panel discussion on Paper vs EMR for application of AI in healthcare

[12:00] Dr. Thanga Prabhu
[18: 00] Dr. Sandeep Reddy
[19:35] Dr. SB Gogia
[24:12] Dr. S.B. Bhattacharya
[28:03] Dr. Thanga Prabhu Round 2
[30:45] Dr. Sandeep Reddy Round 2
[33:12] Dr. SB Gogia Round 2
[35:50] Dr. S.B. Bhattacharya Round 2
[41:50] Dr. Thanga Prabhu
[44:33] Dr. Randeep Singh – Audience Member
[47:46] Ayushi Tandon – Audience Member

[52:50] Dr. Supten Sarbadhikari – Presentation on BMI 
[01:02:35] Dr. Avinash Kumar Gupta – Presentation on Digital Health Records on Medical Education
[01:09:04] Dr. Sandeep Reddy Closing Remarks and Introduction to the Book – Artificial Intelligence – Applications in Healthcare Delivery – Artificial Intelligence: Applications in Healthcare Delivery – 1st Edi (
[1:16:27] Dr. Piyush Mathur – Closing Remarks

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