Data Analytics: The Straight-Lined Labyrinth that Entrapped the HIM Profession – @ahimaint

Skills in data analytics are critical to the future of health information management (HIM), yet there has been considerable confusion regarding how to articulate what data analytics means for the profession. In a survey of more than 3,300 HIM professionals, skills in data analysis were ranked among the top five most important skills for future HIM practice.1 

Immersive #HealthTech Ecosystem Showcase in “The Pavilion of the Future” during CAHOTECH 2019 by Manick Rajendran, @manicknj

Not only did the work involve a creative attitude, it involved the dedication of sharp minded attention to detail mindset. It was back-breaking work rising up to a crescendo of sleepless nights towards the finish line during CAHOTECH2019

WORKSHOP on Introduction to #EHR Standards: by CDAC and @mgumstjpr by Bipin Rathod, @bipin4uk

National Resource Centre for EHR Standards (NRCeS), C-DAC Pune and Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology, Jaipur is organizing “Workshop on Introduction to EHR Standards” at MGUMST, Jaipur on Saturday, March 02, 2019. This workshop will encourage utilization of EHR Standards notified by MoH&FW. 

#HIMSS18: Where the brightest mind in healthcare meet !! by @ tejasvdeshmukh

Pinksocks HIMSS

With more than 100+ meetings, exploring innovation, healthcare use cases and technologies defines a whole new equation of healthcare. It’s been over 3 weeks post HIMSS18 in Las Vegas; I am almost done with all my follow-ups and before getting caught up with ATA18 preparation, allow me to share my experience!

Known as the Mecca of Healthcare, HIMSS is a platform to explore innovation, meet thought leaders, network and partner. That said it is easy to get lost, loose orientation and miss out on meetings, when you are dealing with 40k+ attendees and 1000+ exhibitors. It is overwhelming the moment you enter Sand Expo and see HIMSS banners all over the place.
The Pinksocks meet-up that took place on the March 5th at Money Play Restro was filled with the most exuberant people. Nick Adkins has taken an initiative to consolidate all Healthcare professionals, who are determined to disrupt the industry with innovation. The HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors are part of this group and real meaningful exchange of information happened at the meet-up.
Disrupting technologies + Digital transformation = Better Patient Care
Let’s take a look at the trending topics at HIMSS18 that promise Better Patient Care:
  • Disrupting technologies  
    • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data
    • Blockchain
  • Digital transformation
    • Mobility and Cloud
    • Wearable and IoT
    • Consumerism
  • Telehealth (From Synchronous to Asynchronous model)
Healthcare companies have finally realized the potential of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in addition to Big Data. The ability to perform complex predictions in a blink of a second will result in advanced decision support, chat bots resulting in real time efficient care delivery system. From Ayasdi to Google Deep Minds, everyone is set to disrupt the traditional healthcare with super-efficient ecosystem.        


  • Blockchain
It is another technology having tremendous potential to transform health care, shifting the patient at the core of ecosystem, coupled by enhanced data security, privacy, and interoperability.Blockchain will provide a new benchmark for interoperability by enhancing secure and efficient health data exchange. While it is not going to address all the healthcare challenges, it does provide a sense of confidence to explore, invest and test its actual potentials in Healthcare. PokitDok, Health Wizz and Hyperledger are amongst few to watch.
  • Mobility and Cloud
It is estimated that by end of 2018, 65% of healthcare interaction between patient and providers will occur using smart phone devices. 80% of doctors are already using one or other medical app to engage with patients.
Cloud is further transforming the way providers deliver quality and cost effective healthcare services. Adoption on cloud strategy significantly reduces infrastructure and administrative cost, thus providing relief from the ever growing pressure of cost reduction.
On one hand patient are demanding instant quality healthcare services and on the other hand government is pushing on use of common standards further monitoring the quality stringently. This complicates the matter further with existing infrastructure and legacy systems. Providers are gearing up to address the increased demand and support 24/7, access to top-quality healthcare, and adopting cloud strategy. Cloud and mobile access is technological reason for the actual consumerism.
Few of the innovators to watch in this space are CloudMine and AlphaSoftware
  • Wearable and IoT
Wearable and IoT has taken the healthcare out of hospitals, and into our homes. Healthcare at home is a win-win for all patients, providers and insurance. Remote monitoring coupled with video collaboration platforms have innovated the space with low cost high quality patient care. Innovative startups like Care Innovation backed by large giants like Intel, Google are making lot of noise in this space.
  • Consumerism in healthcare
Transformation of digital landscape, has led to serious disruption, patients of 21st century are experiencing empowerment. As we unlock the barriers of EHR for better access and quality, consumer satisfaction increases.
Patients can now have similar experiences to retail and shop for best value products based upon their needs. For example, someone with chronic illness, injuries, wrong procedure, and misguided surgeries can get expert advice from companies like Best DoctorsSecond Opinion ExpertsAmino for as low as $300. Ability for patients to make best choices in terms of treatment, procedures with right information, is going to be a blessing. And imagine how much cost health insurance companies are going to save!
  • Diving into telehealth

While Telehealth has been around for decades, yet the real potential has been unlocked just few years back. Federal backup, technological advancement and infrastructure maturity has helped it gain the momentum. Today’s telehealth products are a combination of video and specific use case catering to diverse areas, from Behavioral health to Physiotherapy and so on.
While big players like AmericanWell, Teladoc and other continue to dominate the space. Small players like CloudbreakZipnosis, and Avera with specific requirements are making lot of noise.

Telehealth has demonstrated over and over the improved outcomes with minimal cost. The new age products are equipped with advanced analytics, addressed reimbursement and legislative concerns. The use of advanced technologies like AI and ML on top of telehealth component will be soon gaining momentum to further enhance patient experience and optimize healthcare cost.

It was my 3rd consecutive time to attend HIMSS and every time one has so much to learn. You can digest as per your appetite; I am a Healthcare Professional turned into technologist, and was really amazed to see innovation all around me. All this experience gathered is shared with the clients for whom we build products, it gives them an insight on where the industry is heading.

Faichi Solutions is technology service provider, under the umbrella of Saksoft Inc, New Jersey. We are 1000+ employees, across 3 continents, with Healthcare service as a focused vertical.

We are trusted partners in Innovation for Healthcare ISV’s and Technology companies. Focused on:
-Digital Transformation                     
-Product Development                       
-Mobility and Cloud
-Analytics and BI                    
-Data Warehouse                   
-Managed Services

The article has been re-published here with the Authors permission. The article first appeared here

Tejas Deshmukh

Highly skilled and motivated professional with rich experience of 13+ years in software product development for Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical, proven track record of building innovative solutions, providing strategic consulting, pre-sales and operational management.

@HIMSSIndia 2018 Conference and Exhibition, Bengaluru #HIMSSIndia

HIMSS India 2018: Annual Conference and Exhibition  will bring together key stakeholders from Government, Statutory Bodies, Healthcare Providers, Payers, Life Sciences, Medical Device, Healthcare IT and solution providers for path-breaking collaborative discussions on healthcare IT issues, best practices and the latest in tools & technologies that will drive and enhance the new age healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Why Attend

Exceptional education, world class speakers, cutting-edge healthcare IT products and powerful networking are hallmarks of this industry leading show. Attending HIMSS India Annual Conference provides an unparalleled opportunity for you to learn and experience the latest developments and trends emerging in Healthcare IT. The event will showcase how IT is transforming the full spectrum of the continuum of care. This conference will deliver insights for healthcare stakeholders to better understand the future market drivers, emerging business trends and technology opportunities impacting the healthcare IT market in India. 

  • Understand the emerging healthcare IT landscape and how it would impact medical practice and healthcare delivery 
  • High-value education and network opportunities with Government and private stakeholders 
  • Identify the latest technologies and their impact on healthcare IT 
  • Meet and interact with the leaders driving the change 
  • Insight in Emerging Technologies like AI, Population Health, Precision Medicine, Big data and Analytics in India 
  • Current Offerings in the market

Theme and Key Topics

The theme of the conference will include topics such as:

  • Healthcare IT – Current scenario and outlook for 2018-20 
  • AI, Precision Medicine and Machine Learning – The future of service delivery 
  • Advanced and Predictive analytics – Transformational insights and Clinical Decision Making
  • Standards and interoperability – for Care Continuum
  • mHealth and Tele Medicine – Unlock the value of mobile and remote patient care 
  • Innovation and Startups – Smart Solutions to Perennial Problems
  • Home healthcare & IT – Making the right connection for better health

HIMSS is a global, cause-based, not-for- profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT). HIMSS lead efforts to optimize health engagements and healthcare outcomes using IT. HIMSS is producing health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research and media services around the world. Founded in 1961, HIMSS encompasses more than 70,000 individuals, of which more than two-thirds work in healthcare provider, governmental and not-forprofit organizations across the globe, plus over 630 corporations and 450 not-forprofit partner organizations. 

HIMSS, headquartered in Chicago, serves the global healthcare IT community with additional offices in USA, Europe and Asia. HIMSS India Chapter was formed in 2010 and has the distinction of being the first country-specific chapter of HIMSS outside USA. The Chapter has been at the forefront in forming Industry opinion and thought leadership on Healthcare IT challenges. With the revamped Board and Committees the Chapter has broadened its base forging alliances with representation from IT Industry, Hospital CIOs and SMEs

Important Links: 
[1]: Conference Brochure:

[2]: HIMSS India Conference 2018 Website:

[3]: HIMSS India Chapter Website:

[4]: Registration Form:

Team HIMSS India

HIMSS India Conference and Exhibition 2018

Healthcare Summit – Disruptive Indian Healthcare Innovations for the World

Press Release: Healthcare Summit, held on 23rd December 2017 at Dayananda Sagar University, Hosur Road campus; discussed the future of the fast-evolving Healthcare sector and is of relevance to healthcare start-ups, academicians, policy makers, NGOs, social healthcare entrepreneurs and industry building innovative solutions in the healthcare space. 

The event was organised by World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Bangalore Chapter in collaboration with Dayananda Sagar University & Autodesk.

Summit Agenda
To showcase applications of new age technologies in the field of Healthcare. How digital and hardware technological adoption in the field of healthcare, is making patient treatment better, therapies more effective and extending human longevity.

Summit Takeaways for audience

Event registration was via an online registration link and we had attendees from leading hospital management teams, healthcare professionals, startups, academic researchers, students and industry leaders. Audience learnt about the efforts being taken to create Make in India products for the global market and about Healthcare innovations globally and in India that will positively impact our lives in the next decade.

Welcome Speech

Role of academia in creating innovative thinking and programs run towards bridging the academia – industry divide

by Mr. R Janardhan – Pro Vice Chancellor, Dayananda Sagar University

  • DST Funded Startup Incubation centre
  • GE Healthcare, Nvidia, Autodesk and Bosch few of the many companies that have already set up labs within the Innovation centre on campus (DS University, Kudlu Gate, Hosur Road)
  • Set up of a privately funded Innovation Centre at Dayananda Sagar Innovation Campus to instil the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students

Precision Medicine and growth of personalized medicine in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era – creating policy and ecosystem to keep pace with innovation
by Dr. Vijay Chandru, CEO Strand Life Sciences and World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Awardee

  • 1/3rd of India’s Biotech companies in Bangalore – Study by ABLE
  • Ecosystem is ripe for disruption in the field of personalised medicine
  • Discussion about the growth story of Strand Life Sciences, an independently held private company
  • Strand Life Sciences working towards creating affordable genomics solutions
  • Bioinformatics is today helping early screening for cancer and providing testing methods to determine probability for occurrence of a hereditary disease
  • World is moving towards personalised treatments and neo-natal gene modification is leading to a future where we will have “designer babies”
  • Strand has 30% market share in its segment and currently has both local and international clientele

Panel Discussion
Healthcare solutions for the masses. Indian Healthcare innovations for the World.

Dr. Vijay Chandru (CEO – Strand Life Sciences, World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Awardee); 
Dr. Jagadish Mittur (Head – Biotechnology Facilitation Cell – KBITS, Department of IT BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka); 
Mr. K Chandrasekhar (CEO, Forus Health); 
Dr. Dheepa Srinivasan (Additive Manufacturing, General Electric); 
Mr. Anurag Ramdasan (Global Shapers Bangalore and VC at 3one4 Capital)

Key Highlights

Gene editing (CRISPR technology) has lots of potential in this fourth industrial revolution era and policy is being framed with Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT), to enable Indian innovators to stay ahead of the curve and innovate in the space of genomics – Dr. Vijay Chandru

Government of Karnataka was the first state to come up with a biotechnology policy (circa. 1999) and last month released the third updated version of the policy. Gov. of Kar is focussed towards creating clusters for innovation in healthcare (Bangalore Bio innovation Centre, IBAB); deploy funds for early/ growth stage start-ups via their Idea2PoC and Elevate funding programs; create quality human resource personnel (Bioinformatics graduate students from IBAB centre are in global demand for their skills). Government is also focusing on creating new clusters of innovation across the state – Hubli / Dharwad Agri-Tech cluster, Mangalore Marine Biotech cluster being some of the many to be set up. – Dr. Jagadish Mittur

3D Printing in Healthcare is a 3 Billion Dollar opportunity. GE is focused on utilising the power of additive manufacturing (3D Printing) to create affordable healthcare devices. Work with certifying aerospace grade parts similar to what needs to be done by medical sector to certify medical grade implants. Various advantages of using additive manufactured in designing medical grade implants, equipment and lab testing tools (3D Bioprinting). Solutions to cater to needs of India’s large diabetic population can come from 3D Printing. – Dr. Dheepa Srinivasan

Inspired by the Aravind Eye Hospital chain, Forus Healthcare set forth on their journey in 2010 to develop an affordable eye screening device with the goal to eradicate avoidable blindness. Their key product is 3nethra. Forus has sold products in 26+ countries and truly represents the Make in India for the World dream of our country’s Prime Minister. Ecosystem was supportive to provide inputs and collaboration, when they started off. Challenged faces along the way to building a global product company include lack of support from government run regulatory bodies, slow time from prototype to product. 
– Mr. K Chandrasekhar

Private VC firms already working with government to help their portfolio start-ups tackle various on ground challenges and to deploy technology to improve government efficiency in fields ranging from agriculture to IT. Most VC funds have a shorter life cycle than a deep tech focused life sciences company that is looking at 10-year plus gestation period. This requires exploring other routes for VCs to be able to work better with startups in this space with special structures, incentives and better liquidity through proposed SME exchanges. VC community will continue to better engage with the healthcare ecosystem with the goal of supporting novel Make in India Healthcare companies. – Mr. Anurag Ramdasan

We also had the following Healthcare companies and start-ups showcase their work through 10-minute presentations followed by audience Q&A

1. DocsApp: Doctor consultation and chat via Mobile Application

2. Niramai: Pre-screening AI tools for Breast cancer

3. Next Big Innovation Labs 3D Bioprinting: 3D Skin Tissues for cosmetic R&D testing & Maxillofacial Models for use as pre-surgical guides

4. Gangagen: Developing Drug Resistant Bacteria

5. Biodesign Innovation Labs: New age ventilator for emergency rooms accessible to the bottom of the pyramid

An event by Global Shapers Bangalore (World Economic Forum Chapter), Dayananda Sagar University and Autodesk

Event Photos

For Further Details regarding the event, please contact –
Mr. Alok Medikepura Anil, +91 8971909120
Member of 3D Printing Expert Network
World Economic Forum & Global Shapers, Bangalore

Team HCITExperts

Your partner in Digital Health Transformation using innovative and insightful ideas

Streamlining New Horizons of Technology in Healthcare by @exploreevents1

About the event

In its 2nd year the Smart Tech Healthcare is one among the most dedicated conferences aimed at streamlining new horizons of technology in healthcare which provides a common platform for the industry and other stakeholders to come together to discuss the key challenges, learn from the best practices adopted across the country and ensure their firm is positioned to comply with digital health trends in the evolving industry. Today, our health care system has changed dramatically but it’s still too difficult for families in rural India to find quality, affordable health care.

The consumer health technologies — apps, telemedicine, wearables, self-diagnosis tools — which has the potential to strengthen the patient-physician connection and improve health outcomes in all sorts of technology-enabled ways, that’s the opportunity to learn, discuss the new trends in this summit.

With the success of the first annual Smart Tech Healthcare focused of redefining healthcare with IT & more than 250 attendees, 45 speakers, 9 supporting associations. The event is projected to be big with more than 350 attendees will be the most diverse gathering of public sector, health and technology industry leaders working at the intersection of innovative product and service development, research, business and policy throughout the world. Building thought leadership across the ecosystem, this year’s conference focuses on an increasingly business & consumer oriented, technology-enabled and collaborative approach to improving digital health.

Key Topics:

Here are the topics of discussion: 
* Storytelling in a Digital Age: Transforming healthcare 2030 with IT 
* Blockchain as an enabler of countrywide interoperability 
* Redesigning Healthcare: the future of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics 
* The future for Technology Enabled Care: How the industry realises the opportunities 
* Revolutionising the Internet of Health & Medical Things 
* Interoperability in the Post-EHR era 
* Payer-Provider Collaboration on Data: The Leading Edge. 
* In-depth analysis of today’s megatrends (VR, tele-everything, Robotics, wearables, digital therapies). 
* Deeper Dive: Understanding the Emerging Threats. 
* Population Health Strategies: Improved outcomes and care coordination.

Event Themes: 

Health Informatics, Telehealth, Business Intelligence, AI & Robotics, EHRS, Interoperability, Data Integration, Entrepreneurship & Venture Investment, Cyber Security, IOHT, Blockchain, Transforming healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data 

Who should Attend?

  • Hospital CEOs
  • Hospital Management Company Senior Management
  • Health Care Policy Personnel
  • Representatives of Hospital Supplier / Manufacturer / Distributor Companies
  • Vice Presidents of Sales and/or Marketing
  • Health Care Managers
  • Health Industry Analysts / Consultants

Why attend?

  • Learn about future healthcare technology
  • Hear from the leaders of healthcare  industry addressing future health care trends
  • Network with senior executives from hospital management companies and hospitals


HCITExpert Blog is proud to be associated as a media partner for the event >>

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Streamlining New Horizons of Technology in Healthcare by @exploreevents1

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