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About the program, Research methods in innovation processes for #digitalhealth technology by Bipinkumar G Rathod, @bipin4uk

The Trans Atlantic telehealth research Network and Centre for Innovative Medical Technology at Odense University Hospital have organised a 5 days PhD Course, the subject is research methods in innovation processes for Digital health Technology. Other participating organisations are Aalborg University Denmark, CITRIS and the BANATAO Institute, the University of California and University of Southern Denmark.

#Infographic: Technology Innovation in Public Health, Learning from INDIA via @InnovatioCuris

Infographic Source: Reaching the unreached through Technology Innovation in Public Health Learning from INDIA, Dr. Sanjiv Kumar & Dr. V K Singh –

Infographic Source

We came across a great presentation on “Reaching the Unreached Technology Innovation in Public Health – Learning from India”, via the webinar conducted by Dr. V K Singh along with Dr. Sanjiv Kumar. 

In the webinar, Dr. Kumar discussed how Policy and  Technology Innovations can be used to reach the entire population of India for delivery of Public Health Services. 

He spoke about the need to Identify and scale Innovations in India. Dr. Kumar highlighted different ways by which this is being done: 

  • States encouraged to include innovation in Program Implementation Plans
  • National Summits on Good and Innovative practices
  • National Health Innovation Portal –
  • Health Technology Assessment Workshops

We have prepared the Summary Infographic of the webinar conducted by Dr. Sanjiv Kumar & Dr. V K Singh, MD, InnovatioCuris and present it here for your reference.

In this webinar, we came across an interesting term, “Indovation” (“Indian Innovations”) used by Dr. VK Singh, while taking about not only learning best practices from across the world, but also have the ability to share the “Indian Innovations” in solving the problems of accessibility, affordability and scale in deliver of Public Health Services.

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RFID in Healthcare: Usecases from Hospitals by @msharmas


RFID is being used in healthcare to provide Innovative solutions for enabling quality in care, reduce costs & improve patient safety.
Some years back while on a visit to New Zealand, I had found an interesting usecase of RFID being used for sample collection. The person going from location to location on his route, was identifying the sample containers using a RFID tag. The RFID tag was reusable and I found the problem of smudging of a patient identification label, not being a problem in this case.

I found this to be quite an interesting scenario for using RFID in sample collection to ensure sample tracking and identification. Definitely there will be a cost reduction from the point of view of not printing/ re-printing sample labels. Once the sample has been processed, the RFID tag can be reused. There has been a considerable reduction in the cost of passive and active RFID tags.

While reviewing the recent research around the use of RFID in Healthcare, I found RFID is being in the following usecase scenarios: 

  • used to shorten outpatient waiting times, 
  • countinuous temperature monitoring for kids, 
  • patient tracking, 
  • mother-infant cot matching
  • Infant safety 
  • Inventory tracking
  • Asset tracking in hospitals
  • RFID cabinets for surgical devices 
In our Storify for RFIDs in Healthcare, we have shared some of the Case Studies via Wireless Healthcare Blog., and some other sources. We hope to keep updating this storify with additional scenarios from other countries and hospitals.

You can also look up the latest examples and scenarios during the following conference: RFID in Health Care 2015 | RFID Journal Events

Share more stories with us via the comments or the Twitter Hashtag : #HITSMIND

Additional resources:

1. An RFID-Reading Wristband Tracks Hand Hygiene to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections | MIT Technology Review 

2. In the recently concluded SuperBowl 50 RFID was used to gather player data.

RT Hi-tech inspiration 4#healthcare? Sensors convert every player to a LIVE data node!  

3. Mother-infant RFID tagging to check lifting of newborns in hospitals – The Hindu

4.  HEALTH TECHNOLOGY: Radio Frequency Identification in Healthcare – Manish Sharma | World Health Innovation Summit Blog (this article was also published in the World Health Innovation Summit Blog)

Read the storify in this post to review the various usecase scenarios. You can click on the links to get to the source articles and review the scenarios in detail.

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