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What we Publish?

We have set ourselves a goal to provide articles that provide Practitioners of Healthcare Informatics and Digital Health; insights, experiences and thought leadership content from our community of expert Guest Authors.

The Healthcare IT Experts Blog,HCITExpert Blog, accepts articles about

  • Digital Transformation Strategy in Healthcare,
  • Innovations in Digital Health,
  • Healthcare Data Analytics,
  • Cognitive Computing,
  • Mobile Health,
  • Telemedicine
  • and much much more aspects covering Digital Health Tech, as long as it adheres to some basic editorial requirements.

How to Write for Us @HCITExpert

We have very simple process of accepting and publishing Blogs. We work with our Authors to ensure their Authorship of the articles is highlighted on all the articles that are published by us. Please review the list of #DigitalHealth Experts featured on HCITExpert Blogs. Here are some simple points we consider:

1 Articles

When writing articles a few pointers:

  • Ensure it has a Title, the article text and any images related to your article.
  • Your article can have a word count of 1000 to 2500 words
  • Also please share with us your Name as you want us to display it, a gist about you, email ID, LinkedIn, Twitter and website information.
  • We source your Profile photo from either your LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

We have multiple Social Media channels using which we share INFOGRAPHICs with our readers. Head over to pinterest and review the various boards we have on IoT, Digital Health, social media, etc. Please share your Infographics with us by helping us ensure copyright rules by providing us tagging information regarding sources of information in the infographics and source, in case the Infographic was published earlier on your website.

3 Submitting your Articles

Email us your articles to Our Story Editor – manish.sharma@hcitexpert.com

Once the article is published we will email an update to you, indicating the Article is LIVE on our website.   And there you go, its fairly simple and we look forward to you sharing your experiences with our community of readers.

We appreciate you considering sharing your knowledge via The HCITExpert Blog 



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