DDMM Heart Institute, a cardiac super specialty hospital in tier II city becomes self sufficient for PPE need by Aniruddha Nene

Nadiad is a city halfway between the metros : Ahmedabad and Baroda. Dr Sanjith Peter, the director of the institute with active support from his colleague Dr Mahpaekar, produces PPEs in-house.

Necessity is the mother of all innovation, they say. Drs at DDMM touched our hearts by saying that doctors need to ensure that they protect themselves with PPEs because doctors may not be fortunate to have dignified death. Public gripped by pandemic fear psychosis at times denied them proper last rights. It’s really tragic to read about plights of the warriors in the white coats.

But our warriors do not give up if all normal methods of supply fail to get them the critical items.

Dr Sanjith himself designed a perfect template after multiple initial failures. Health workers and staff can then easily cut and stitch PPEs within the hospital.

Infection chances are maximum while one takes off the PPE. This design precisely ensures protection from this incidence. DDMM institute gets the polythene sheets from Ahmedabad and the same should be available in every tier I city.

Every city has a number of tailors sitting idle in the lockdown. They can join the force and stitch better and faster and retaining sterility of the set up under the guidance of the hospital staff.

This would not cost more than ₹200 if produced in this manner and it serves the purpose. Think again if you are willing to pay ₹900 upwards to buy PPE that normally costs ₹750!

The videos attached are self explanatory but Dr Sanjith Peter could be reached for the template or any other assistance on : . You can also get in touch with the Author to connect with Dr. Sanjith

Making of the PPE

Making of the PPE

Wearing the PPE – Step 1

Wearing the PPE – Step 2

Wearing the PPE – Step 3

Aniruddha Nene
Aniruddha Nene

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