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The HCITExperts Blog, launched in 2013, is focussed on Digital Health, HealthTech, Healthcare Information Technology and Medical Informatics innovations from India and around the world. The Blog looks to share insights from experts from India who are driving innovations and enabling new business models in Healthcare with the use of technology driven solutions. 

HCIT stands for HealthCare Information Technology

Since 2014, we have been publishing weekly articles on various topics such as AI, Blockchain, Data Analytics, IoT in Healthcare, Big Data, Interoperability, Cybersecurity, Workflow, Innovation, Usability, Entrepreneurship, Infographics, etc from our Expert Authors. Why the HealthCare IT Experts Blog ?   As Simon Sinek, indicates its always start with the “Why” and whenever a conversation begins, generally it is said, “let’s get the ball rolling!”. We hope to be the folks that help get you started on that conversation by sharing your answer to “Why”, and to get the ball rolling, in your effort to bring Innovative and insightful solutions to Digital Health.

It’s our endeavour to provide that momentum, by sharing your journey with our readers and also bringing in your hands Information that will help you make that important decision in your Digital Health Journey

We are Healthcare IT & Digital Health “Fans”, and we want to Showcase the “Indovations” (Innovations from India) you are working on, to the world and also showcase & learn from the Innovations from across the world

We also look to learn and share the experiences of developing Digital Health Solutions from the experts from India with our readers

We connect with Digital Health Influencers who are the “Doers” who have built Digital Health Solutions and with Digital Health experts to share their insights via the Blog. It’s an endeavour to bring to you the “Team HCITExperts” (our Distinguished Guest Authors) who are IT professionals who understand Healthcare; and Healthcare Professionals who understand IT and Healthcare Informatics     

Author’s At HCITExperts Blog

The HCITExperts Blog has some of the Top Healthcare IT Experts, share their insights via the Blog. With a diverse experience of our Authors, the insights shared via the HCITExperts Blog keep our readers updated with the latest trends and Healthcare Technology updates from India.

The role that our author’s occupy in their respective organisations range from

  • CEOs of Healthcare IT Company
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • PhD Scholars
  • Hospital CIOs
  • CMO at Healthcare IT Company
  • Principal from Venture Capital firms
  • Experts in Law on Healthcare Technology,
  • Doctors 
  • Usability Experts
  • Industry Analysts
  • Speakers and Community Developers
  • Healthcare and HealthTech Policy Experts
  • Medical Informatics Experts
  • Consultants
  • Professors of Health Informatics
  • Cybersecurity Experts
  • Healthcare Consultants
  • Engineering Managers
  • Systematic Innovation Experts

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What we hope to Do?

The HCITExperts Blog, is your partner in bringing to the latest information in Digital Health, Healthcare Technology and Medical Informatics via multiple Digital Media Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest (for Infographics) and Medium. We are constantly working to provide to you the best and relevant information across our multiple Digital Media Platforms. It’s our endeavour to provide our readers from India with thought leadership articles, research reports on important policy discussions happening in India, increase the awareness of how Digital Health initiatives have been benefiting patients and providing them with a balanced perspective on the outcomes of these initiatives.

And if you are wondering Why you should consider Publishing your story with the HCITExpert Blog, read the Blog Post I wrote on why publish on the HCITExpert Blog 

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HCITExpert Founder & Editor Manish is the Founder & Editor of The HCITExpert Blog, focused on Thought Leadership, HealthTech Innovations and enabling Digital Transformation of Healthcare organisations. The HCITExpert Blog (https://hcitexpert.com) is listed as one of the top 100 Blogs on DigitalHealth Tech across the globe (https://blog.feedspot.com/healthcare_blogs/) since 2017

Manish has experience in the Conceptualisation, Design and Development of HealthTech Products for the Healthcare market that have been implemented in different geographies and covering different specialties & use-cases in healthcare.

His current area of research and focus is the use of IoT based platforms for enabling Connected Health solutions, Defining datasets required to build a Clinical Data Repositories to enable Digital Transformation of Healthcare workflows and the use of content management solutions and social media for knowledge delivery in Healthcare Industry. 

Manish also contributes as a consultant and mentor with startups, hospitals and HealthTech companies in their Digital Transformation journey from concept to Go-To-Market Strategies for their solutions. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manishsharmas/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/msharmas

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