Indian #ConnectAThon 2016 – via @Indian_Assn_MI – Bangalore 21-22 May2016

India Connect-A-Thon 2016
21 – 22 MAY 2016, Bengaluru
Indian Association of Medical Informatics, 
the single professional home for healthcare informatics in India

#Connectathon, Bengaluru, India 21-22 May 2016 Videos


EMR Interoperability showcase


Free for participants & delegates


Register using the >> Google Form
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Your conformance Statement Public URL is key to determining the role you will play in the event.


Healthcare has been one of the last to accept novel technologies, hence been considered slow to adopt HIT-Healthcare IT. Though there are valid and complex reasons underlying it, one reason from the consumer’s viewpoint needs to be considered by vendors.
Any solution has to dovetail into existing and future solutions. Data is expected to flow seamlessly from one solution to another. This reduces unnecessary lab/radiology orders, equipment, saves inventory, training costs, allows multi-tasking etc. 
The government has been seized on this issue and has been working on standards since 2003 and finally in 2013 released a set of EMR Interoperability standards, which is currently under revision.
Indian Association for Medical Informatics – IAMI has launched this test bed, in a one day event at Bangalore. We welcome all vendors and solution providers to this test bed on May 21 & 22, 2016 (Saturday/ Sunday).

This we are fully aware, is first of many more planned across India. Join us in this completely free event, with no delegate/ participant fees whatsoever


May 21 & 22, 2016 (Saturday/ Sunday)


St. John’s Medical College, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru


Interoperability between HIS, EMR, PACS, LIS and various other systems is a challenging area in Healthcare IT. As a customer one deals with multiple vendors to achieve smooth flow of information between disparate systems with varying success rates. The idea of demonstrating it in a workshop while being monitored by technical folks gave rise to an annual event that is now regularly held in USA. 
IAMI – Indian Association for Medical Informatics the single professional home for medical informatics is organizing this event, hoping to build on it and make it a regular event in India too. 
HL7 India, the India chapter of Health Level 7 aka HL7 is a joint organizer


Free for participants & delegates

Day 1

Vendor participants arrive post lunch at 2pm at the venue, register and set up their stations. Technical Infrastructure team will assist them for connectivity. The rest of the day will be spent to test their interoperability with the test bed. Monitors (volunteers) will be present to assist.

Day 2

Scenarios are played out as per published schedule. The day starts off with an introductory talk and has two more speakers talk by the end of the day (post lunch and wrap-up). Monitors will be on hand to assist through the day and document for certification.

The day ends with the presentation of participation certificates.

Working in the Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) arena? This is for you…

To demonstrate seamless EMR interoperability amongst vendors, in a neutral forum.

The Test Process

Radiology having the most mature workflows has been chosen for the first workshop, it will extend to other domains viz. Lab, PHR, HIS, etc. in subsequent events

Who all can apply?

This event allows vendors to participate in a Scheduled Workflow Transactions (SWF) in one or more scenarios. You can be a vendor with one or more of these products: ( List will expand more providers in later Thons)
1. HIS
2. RIS
3. Modality

5. Workstation

What does my company gain from this?
Standards are theory, what all yearn for is a practically working seamless interoperating solution. A Connect-a-thon allows you to check and demonstrate interoperability amongst peers. In the commercial world this translates to proven interoperability, which customers look for and highly value.

How else can I Help?

As we are maintaining complete neutrality of this platform, support from organizations and individuals is always welcome. You can volunteer, get your team to be monitors during the event, sponsor infrastructure, food. Etc. You can always participate, irrespective of what you contribute

We look forward to meeting you soon
For updates regarding the program please connect with the undersigned
Manick Rajendran | Sathish B Ratakonda | S.B Gogia | Aniruddha Nene 
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From the Facebook Updates via Manick Rajendran


Day 1:

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Team HCITExperts

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