#INFOGRAPHIC: Overcoming Hazards in Connected Healthcare by @TUVSUD

What is Connected Care?

Alliance for Connected Care (http://www.connectwithcare.org/what-is-connected-care/) defines Connected Care as: 

Connected Care is the real-time, electronic communication between a patient and a provider, including telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and secure email communication between clinicians and their patients. Connected Care improves access to care, helps providers and patients avoid costly health care services, and increases convenience for patients.  

Despite the rapidly developing technology and increasing interest among patients and physicians in the use of Connected Care, legal and regulatory barriers continue to limit mainstream acceptance of this technology. To achieve the promise of Connected Care in health care system, there must be a renewed urgency among policymakers to develop a regulatory structure that enables safe and accessible use of this technology.

To learn from the experts on how Connected Health can Transform Healthcare Delivery, get ready for attending the Connected Health Conference by Philips Digital Health on the 28th July in Bengaluru 2017. 

And we came across a very interesting infographic around Connected Care by TUV SUD. (Best Viewed on a Desktop/ Laptop)

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