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HCITExpert Blog was started, with the idea of sharing the work happening in India around Digital Health. We have quite a few unique opportunities in India, regarding accessibility, affordability, scale and reach; which will enable solutions that can be innovative in their implementations and design. We can share that with the world. 

And also have the ability to learn from the unique solutions from the world and apply them to an Indian context. This way we can have an exchange of Ideas.

While we have quite a few Healthcare Magazines and Blogs in India, and we wanted to focus only on the Digital Health stories and trends niche. 

With HCITExpert Blog, I hope to be the repository of these stories from experts who are coming up with Innovative Digital Health platforms. 

How that benefits your company? Well frankly having your story being published on the HCITExpert Blog, helps us both, since Every conversation needs to be a two-way street.

How it helps us? 

Having your experience shared on our Blog is our reward. You trusting us with your Story and knowing it will be properly attributed to you is the validation for the Blog.

Please review the list of other Guest Bloggers on the HCITExpert Blog

How it helps you? 

…. that is achieved by the following strategy: 

1. I have identified and connected with various communities online who discuss about various Digital Health topics, at specific times. I believe its not about going viral, its about providing context to a story.

So for instance, there is a conference happening in December around IoT Trends, I will share articles and stories specific to IoT on the conference’s official Hashtag, that ensure context.

Your article published once on your LinkedIn Pulse or via the HCITExpert Blog, is re-shared with the Hashtag Followers. 

2. We have our Newsweekly, wherein we publish online the latest Blog Posts that have been shared on our Blog.

3. Once your article goes LIVE on the HCITExpert Blog, its shared with Digital Health specific online communities, and over the course of the next three to four months, each article is shared with these communities. 

The reason for the above strategy is since the number of social media shares in a minute on each platform is very high, we have to re-share stories at regular intervals and to each of these communities regularly.

Most platforms like LinkedIn Pulse or Medium share the article out once, but at HCITExpert, we re-share the article multiple times and at specific  time of day and month to increase the reach of the article. 

4. I have been following various social media strategies to ensure the engagement with our stories: Social Media Technographics

Wherein Forrester Research suggests the ability to take each reader (inactives) on the HCITExpert Blog to be a future Creator (Guest Author), as indicated in the above model.

5. I want to be able to take each story shared with us, and provide context because thats when, I believe, it can make an impact.

6. We also have started a Hashtag: #HITsmIND​ using which we tag all the articles we publish on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Pinterest)

7. Consider the References section of a Journal Article, the more the number of times the article is referred is better, similarly, HCITExpert Blog becomes another reference-able link to your Blog on Pulse, with an added context.

Finally, Team HCITExperts is a lean startup. I have been working in the industry for about 16 Years and understand the context to each of the stories. 

I am supported by mentors in Digital Health, experts (Guest Bloggers), journalists who understand the new & old media, web designers and developers. By the way, quite a bit of the website for instance has been coded by me. 

And, I reach out to each of the above people as I come across the context and enable the publishing schedule and processes. 

I have bootstrapped HCITExpert Blog, since past 4 years. In the future I plan to bring in advertising, sponsorships and other modes of revenue generation. 

I work as a Consultant and thats how I am able to carry forward this passion. I believe in learning from doing and what better way to enable learning, than by learning from the people who are able to Do IT !!

I hope and look forward to you sharing your knowledge and articles via the HCITExpert Blog !!


Manish Sharma Founder HCITExpert.com, Digital Health Entrepreneur

email | manish.sharma@hcitexpert.commobile | +919880568628

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