Indian Healthcare Organisations and #HealthTech Startups Response to COVID19 [Live Updates]

Live Updates

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, it’s being updated as and when we are coming across updates from various organisations. The list will be continuously updated. Rest assured there are many more Innovators working to provide solutions and services to Indians. We want to thank people working in healthcare organisations and others providing care and solutions during these testing times 🙏


  • WHO:
    • 1. WHO COVID Alerts on Whatsapp: link
    • 2. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Dashboard: link
  • MOHFW, GOI / State Governments:
    1. Please call the 24×7 toll free National Helpline number 1075 for support, guidance, and response to health related queries on #COVID19.
    2. MoHFW, GoI Website, link
    3. MYGOV Corona Helpdesk Whatsapp Number: +91 9013151515, in partnership with Haptik
    4. Government of Goa in partnership with INNOVACCER Inc has launched a self check tool for COVID19 :
    5. ICMR Website, link
    6. Government of Punjab COVA App, link
    7. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GoI issued a document dated, March 2020, “BOARD OF GOVERNORS In supersession of the Medical Council of India” – Telemedicine Practice Guidelines: Enabling Registered Medical Practitioners to Provide Healthcare Using Telemedicine

Hospital Group Initiatives:

  1. Aster COVID Support Center:
  2. Dr. Ganapathy K, Apollo Telemedicine Guidelines for setting up a Telemedicine Department >> link to video
  3. Apollo’s COVID Symptoms Checker, link
  4. Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Jaipur has launched a helpline for free tele-consultation
  5. DDMM Heart Institute, a cardiac super specialty hospital in tier II city becomes self sufficient for PPE need!, read the full story here

Indian Company/ Startups:

  1. Startup Initiatives:
    1. Practo, mFine enabling Telemedicine for Doctors and developing tools for self screening. Both are enabling doctors to enable Telemedicine and now working to enable a scenario wherein any available doctor can be seen by any patient in need of a tele-consultation. watch the video, link
    2. : Launched two tools qXR for interpreting X-rays & qSCOUT which can be used for contact tracing & remote triaging of COVID19 patients – link
    3. WASHKaro from Prof. Tavpritesh Sethi & Team, link
    4. ZINI AI and try out their COVID Chatbot, link
    5. Wysabuddy for mental health has made their solution free to access, link
    6. Another Startup, Manah Health is helping with Mental Health during the crises, link
    7. Dashboard for tracking the cases in India >>
    8. CrediHealth has partnered with to provide a COVID self screening tool: link
    9. 1mg COVID19 Page: link
    10. NVIDIA Offers COVID-19 Researchers Free Access to Parabricks for 90 days, link
    11. UpToDate has made the COVID research free to access, link
    12. Cloudphysician is using their platform, RADAR, a Tele-ICU system, to connect their command center in Bangalore, staffed with critical care nurses and Intensivists, who are super specialist ICU doctors, to patients in the network of connected hospital ICUs. Cloudphysician is putting in place protocols for the management of COVID – 19 positive patients in these hospitals should they be admitted to these ICUs and helping our network hospitals in preparedness protocols and assessment and triaging of suspected COVID-19 patients, link
    13. Addverb Technologies deployed a robotics solution for medicine and food delivery to patients admitted to Felix Hospitals, link
    14. Team took the list Karnataka has declared 100 first response centers across the state. And have rolled out a Whatsapp infobot that can fetch you the 5 nearest centers if you send your location as a whatsapp attach. Happy to roll out Pan India, if they get the data. Try it out , source link
    15. Flutter based mobile app for Covid case tracking, to be connected with rest api to send data on web, Dr. Avinash Kumar Gupta and team, link to FOSS on GitHub
    16. Prof. Diwakar Vaish and Dr. Sandeep Aggarwals’ Agva Healthcare is working in Partnership with Maruti Suzuki to build ventilator systems, link
    17. Telemedicine Society of India, TSI is working with the government to train 5 lakh doctors across india in the use of Telemedicine Services (the Indian government published these guidelines)
    18. COVIDCTSCANS: To support ongoing Covid research, Ketan Jajal and Ritesh Dogra have launched , a global repository of CT Scans, 3D models, mesh and much more for others to collaborate on and contribute towards. We already have 16 datasets and are generating many more! Our imaging experts’ segment each and every region to provide the entire 2D DICOM files and 3D files to the global research community for building and deploying clinical solutions. Please upload, download and contribute to our endeavour. Reach out to us on or
  1. Company Initiatives:
    1. Reliance Foundation has announced a slew of measures like setting up of a hospital, supply of PPE and other materials required for healthcare organisations
    2. Tata Trusts along with Tata Sons have announced a Rs. 1500 Crores effort to fight the Covid-19 in india, Mr. Ratan Tata announced the same on his social media channels.
    3. Mr. Anand Mahindra has announced the use of Mahindra properties as isolation centers
    4. Mr. Vijaysekhar has announced a Rs. 5 crore grant

Hackathons & Initiatives

  1. India FoundersVsCovid-19 (@FoundersvsCovid), Startup Founders Team Up To Make Coronavirus Quarantine App For India, link
  2. Join ForgeForward
  3. An AFPI Initiative, Get all CORONAVIRUS related queries answered by a certified doctor for free, visit –
  4. A thread about the actionable by the Principal Scientific Advisor, GoI, link

Dashboards to Track COVID19

  1. WHO Dashboard for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation: link
  2. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), link
  3. nCov2019 dashboard, link
  4. Worldometer, COVID19 Dashboard, link
  5. Dashboard, link| Contribute to maintain the dashboard, here
  6. COVID-19 GLOBAL TRACKER >> link

References, Sources

  1. The AI in Healthcare – India Whatsapp Group
  2. Published Sources from various mainstream media centers
  3. Updates by the Healthcare Organisations and HealthTech Startups
  4. Latest COVID19 Updates on TELEGRAM by HCITExperts Blog >>
  5. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research – link

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