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Six Recommendations for CEOs to make Cybersecurity a Priority [2]
  1. Understand what IoT security will mean for your industry and business model
  2. Set up clear roles and responsibilities for IoT security along your supply chain
  3. Engage in strategic conversations with your regulator and collaborate with other industry players
  4. Conceive of cybersecurity as a priority for the entire product life cycle, and develop relevant skills to achieve it
  5. Be rigorous in transforming mind-sets and skills
  6. Create a point-of-contact system for external security researchers and implement a postbreach response plan


[1]: IoT Top Concern: Security | What’s The Big Data? http://ow.ly/RcQz30eWAnF
[2]: Six ways CEOs can promote cybersecurity in the IoT age | McKinsey & Company http://ow.ly/vvkg30eWEWZ
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