Introducing the list of

150+ digital Health Startups from india

This is a list of 150+ #DigitalHealth Startups in India. The list content is curated by the Editorial team at the HCITExperts Blog. Visit the page on the HCITExpert Blog

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01 June 2020


The List of Startups is continuously updated from time to time


The Digital Healthcare Startups and Companies list from India, has been prepared keeping in mind the need of various end users
  • for Healthcare Management Institutes and Tech Colleges for student recruitments,
  • for the professionals find job prospects, for the hospitals and healthcare organisations,
  • for the entrepreneurs looking to build new companies in healthcare, find out areas in the healthcare value-chain that are still weakly represented by a very few companies or no companies at all
  • for the VCs the way you have indicated to build your portfolio of companies in the MedTech and HealthTech , genomics and wellness space

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