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At HCITExpert we are following news from across the world. To provide value to our readers, we publish a Daily Newsletter, a Weekly Newsweekly and a Monthly Newsletter with Healthcare IT and Digital Health News specially handpicked and curated for you, from across the world. 

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Newsletter Content Curation Process: 

Our Daily Newsletter, brings to our readers the daily insights and news articles from across the globe on topics of interest in Digital Health.

Our Newsweekly articles are curated on the basis of the user engagement with our readers and we bring to fore the articles that have been shared across our platforms by our readers.

Our Monthly Newsletter, is a curation of articles that have been most popular during the month.

We believe our approach will help our readers to receive daily, weekly and monthly insights into topics that are of importance in Digital Health across these three time periods. Our Daily and monthly Newsletters are by subscription. To know more about the details write to us at info at hcitexpert dot com

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