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Date: 15th Jan 2015 

While preparing for #HIMSS16 companies spend thousands if not millions of dollars for their product placement activities. Its important to make a statement with the customers and grab every eyeball offline and online. 

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn obviously offer a great opportunity for companies to leverage the Online real estate that these  platforms have on offer.

In this article we present how you can make use of Twitters’ online real estate opportunities for sharing important information about your company to the viewers of the tweets that you have shared with your customers and followers.

Please note that the specific example that we present in this post pertains to the Background image that you can upload onto your profile via the Settings -> Design -> Background Image option.

Image. 1: Twitter Background Image Settings

Now The Twitter background image is displayed whenever the user views a Twitter List shared by a user (or company) or Selects a specific tweet posted by a user (or company). Click on the link to view the specific examples.

As indicated in the Image.1 above, the background image size needs to be less than or equal to 2MB.

Now that we have identified a specific real estate we want to utilise for our marketing or engagement messages using images on Twitter, we move to determine the proper image resolution we should create the background image.

From our experience and some online articles we have come to the conclusion that image sizes are dependant on the devices your followers and prospective followers/ clients are going to be viewing the tweets. 

It is important to note here, that the details presented in this blog are relevant for Desktop and Laptop viewers. The background image does not display on a mobile device.

The recommended background image size for twitter is 

1900 width x 1080 height

Now that you know the image size, its important to know the “visible areas” where information can be shared by you on twitter. In the image presented below, you can see that clearly there are two areas you can make use of to place information on the image. Here is a sample image with three sections

Image 2. Background Image with three sections
When the above image is uploaded as the backgound on your twitter profile, the Twitter Lists page and the Tweet Page look as follows:

Image 3. Twitter list Page

Image 4. Tweet Link Page

Once you have created the image place holder and identified the optimum size of the image you can work towards adding information. This information can be placed to the right and the left sections of the place holder image.

Now, whenever a Twitter user visits these two specific pages, a Twitter List or Selects a specific tweet posted by a user (or company) she will be presented with information that you want to showcase to your customer.

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